The best plant material

The quality of the source material is crucial for success

In our nursery in Bonavicina (Verona/Italy), we produce saplings of different blueberry varieties in accordance with state-of-the-art technology. An ideal supply of water and nutrients guarantees balanced care for the saplings - the prerequisite for a healthy development.

We ensure the perfect conditions during production so we can offer you flawless and top quality plant material.

Different blueberry varieties

The perfect plant material for all requirements

Based on the size of our nursery, we are able to provide plant orders of any volume. We concentrate on the production of the following varieties:



The Duke variety has been cultivated in the USA since 1986. The bush has a height of 1.3 to 1.8 m with a straight and wide growth. The shoots are rigid and elongated. Regular pruning is required to develop high fruit quality and a regular harvest.

The fruit is medium-sized, growing in clusters at the end of the shoots. The skin is smooth, strong and characteristically “crunchy”. The berries taste particularly good after cooling. Duke is as suitable for direct consumption as for processing. The fruit is ideal for transport and deep frozen storage.

Duke is an early variety, ripening from the middle of June. Owing to its regular and high yield, it is very popular, rated as one of the varieties with the greatest economic importance. It is not suitable for locations where it is too damp or too cold.



This strong shrub can reach a height of 1.5 meters. Its small elliptical leaves are rough to the touch, and are particularly distinctive.

Its berries ripen from mid-July to mid-August and grow in loose, drooping clusters, which reach an exceptionally high yield, comparable to that of Duke berries.

Draper berries are impressively firm and crunchy to the bite and boast an outstanding taste. They are also exceptionally easy to store and transport. Compact as they are, this cultivar is optimally suited to both manual and mechanical sorting.

To a large extent, Draper plants are self-pollinating; experiments have demonstrated that absence of cross-pollination has no detrimental effect on the fruit set or size, and only the seed count may be lower.



Bluecrop is a basic variety with a bush height of 1.6 to 2 m. The plants also grow in abundance in drier locations. Bluecrop is one of the most resistant varieties to spring frost.

The fruit is big with very high quality. The variety is suitable for manual and machine harvest. The berries are very tasty and are suitable for direct consumption as well as for storage. The fruit ripens around the first half of August, with a yield of about 4 to 9 kg per bush.

Bluecrop is a relatively early variety, high in yield and popular for production and private cultivation. It does not grow well in damp locations and is prone to shoot diseases, therefore failing more frequently than other varieties.



Liberty is a fast growing bush that often produces very high yield during the first few years. The bush has a medium size and rounded growth.

The berries are medium-sized, slightly flat with an attractive sky blue colour and an excellent sharp and slightly sour flavour. Storability is very good. The size of fruit decreases during later picking phases. The variety is suitable for mechanical harvesting because ripe berries can be loosened easily.

Liberty is a licensed variety which may only be produced by selected nurseries.



Aurora is an American variety, a cross between the Brigitta Blue and Elliott varieties. The bush has a height of 1.5 m and a width of 1.3 m, with the plant being elongated and slightly wide. Aurora is a self-pollinating variety. Cross-pollination improves the quality and size of the fruit.

The fruit has a faded blue colour and small and dry stem scars. The fruit is plump, with a very good flavour and long storage time. It is suitable as a dessert fruit, for freezing, for jams, jellies and yoghurts.

Aurora ripens very late and is resistant to fungal diseases (anthracnose) and moniliose (fruit rot). Aurora is also a licensed variety which may only be produced by selected nurseries.

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